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A MAS plane from KLIA bound for Beijing was found missing ever since Saturday morning, and til now no new updates are available. I'm still hoping, they're somehow safe, Insya-allah. So, please pray for the safety of MH370.


"Permudahkanlah segalanya buat mereka, Ya Allah."


These photos were everywhere this morning. And i had to wait til i got back from work to post this. Gosh, isn't these two cute? The main purpose of this entry is just to say that THESE TWO ARE SO SWEETLY ADORABLE! Can't wait for it! I can detect some kind of chemistry, which i hope won't disappoint me!


In Love <3

Forgotten Sweet Tooth...

Another random, meaningless post. I found these while cleaning up my room. I totally forgot that i had these. It was from my Japan trip last March. Gonna eat it soon, it's nearing expiry date! 


Sweet Number Se7eN!!!

My congratulations to Rafael Nadal for winning his 7th Roland Garros title after defeating Novak Djokovic 6-4 6-3 2-6 7-5. Tears of joy for all Rafa Nadal fans who have been through a patchy path ever since the 3rd set yesterday. I'm gonna thanks the rain for saving my favorite tennis player from being denied the 7th title. The journey wasn't easy, but he made it. I don't care much about any other grand slams tournament. Roland Garros is so precious and meaningful to Rafa. So winning it again and again, just made every Rafa fans happier and happier. The 2 days adventure was worthy. 


It's EURO 2012. Can't wait! Excites me LADS!


And it's them.. hihihihihi.. (^^)v


Happy Birthday Dear RAFAEL!

It's June 3rd .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another year at Roland Garros, i'm wishing you all the best and hoping that you'll continue to be successive on clay as you did before! I'll be cheering you on during this year's Roland Garros as well! 


1140PM : HUNGRY!

I was so hungry .. and i was digging my fridge.. there the necessary ingredients were there. So, i end up making this! Stir Fried Ramen is kinda simple to make.. Aaa.. Yokatta, oishii desu!

Gochisousama deshita !!! (^^)V


Dear You, Happy Birthday!

Dear You..

Simple birthday wishes for you. Wishing you all the best. Please continue to warm people's heart. (^_^)V